Did You Know There's A Mini Taj Mahal Right Here In Mumbai?

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Nestled in the old and crumbling streets of Mazagaon, lies one of the city’s many secrets, the Taj Mahal of Mumbai. Never heard of it? Most haven’t, which is surprising, because the beauty of this structure actually lives up to the monument after which it has been fondly named.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Aga Khan Hassan Ali Shah’s Maqbara, or Mausoleum, is the resting place of the 46th Imam, Aga Khan I, Imam of the Nizari Ismailite sect of Shiite Muslims. Also known as the Hasnabad Dargah, this beautiful monument, a gleam of white stone amidst the graying buildings on the old, dusty streets of Mazagaon, is not really difficult to miss, by virtue of its thirty-feet gate right on the street, supported by an intricately carved structure. There is a clock hanging from the top of the gate, reminding people of the namaaz timings.

Of Silence And Tranquility

Right after entering the complex, one comes face to face with the majestic shrine, flanked by its marble-white minarets on either side. The whole structure exudes an emotion which can be best described as a mixture of tranquility and devotion. Intricately carved designs adorn the entire shrine and border the massive light blue coloured dome, one that reminds you of those in Lucknow, Hyderabad, maybe even Delhi, but definitely not Mumbai.

There is an aura of peace that envelops you as you walk around the structure and amongst the Mughal architecture. The silence makes you feel as if the whole structure is separated from the rest of the busy city by some invisible barrier. This monument of immense beauty and historical significance is one of many such structures hidden amongst the ancient streets of Mazagaon, such as the Chinese Kwan Tai Shek temple, Khoja Shia Isnaashari Jamaat cemetery and of course, the Mazgaon Dockyards.

You can easily reach the Hasnabad Dargah either by Byculla Station on the Central Railway Line or Dockyard Road Station on the Harbour Railway Line, or you can simply take a cab from Lower Parel Station, which would cost you INR 50-INR 60. Have fun, you!

So, We’re Saying...

If you’re a lover of ancient buildings and architecture, you will have a wonderful time exploring this part of town and all its history {Mazagaon was one of the seven islands that made up Mumbai}.

#LBBTip: Do keep in mind that only the Aga Khani Khojas are permitted to pay respects to the grave of Hasan Ali Shah.