Small Wonder: Get Personalised Miniature Paintings From This Artist

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What Makes It Awesome

Young Delhi artist, Ritesh Baghai makes miniature paintings as tiny as a two-rupee coin, a matchbox or even just a pencil tip. We discovered his amazing handle @anindianminiaturist on Instagram. He’s made miniature paintings of book covers for Penguin, and they were as small as a tiny pencil shaving. This artist whips up beautiful caricatures of things around him, maybe motifs from his travels, everyday objects, and more.

His timeline shows mini donuts the size of a thumbnail, a delicious ode to pepperoni pizza, and more books with intricate cover details to boast of, The Constitution of India, fictional characters and lot more. We must say, it's super impressive. 

Apart from going and liking his page here for a pop of funky on your daily scroll, you can buy framed versions of his miniature paintings.

Price: These will cost you INR 2,000 and upwards. He's happy to make personalized paintings as well, if you request.


Gift a book-lover a mini Harry Potter book painting to pin up the board, or get a pizza one for yourself. Get in touch with him by emailing him on


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