All Eggs Everything: We're Swearing Allegiance To Newly-Opened Ministry Of Eggs

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Imagine eggs, eggs, and nothing but eggs in different flavours, and spices. Welcome to Ministry of Eggs in Ghatkopar, where eggs meets comfort meets a delightful meal.

Eggcuse Me, Say Whaaaa?

That’s right. All the way from Surat to Ghatkopar, an eatery dedicated to eggs has found its home. Ministry of Eggs, a name aptly given by its founder, Nishant Dhamannwala.

Ministry of Eggs is a delightful counter at R City Mall in Ghatkopar. Though it’s only been more than a week since they launched their first store in Mumbai, we are already loving it. Picture this, 35 types of egg dishes, including rice, heavy meal options as well as DIY eggs. The idea behind the eatery is to take the humble eggs, and let people know that it isn’t just a snack, it is as good a meal for when you’re on a movie night out.

Chow Down

We love that they have experimented with eggs, and offer the customers a variety of dishes to choose from. The menu is extremely diverse, and rich. It offers all kinds of dishes, wherein they have either used oil, or butter, and at least two eggs per dish.

We started our lunch with egg mamna gravy {INR 270} which was basically egg kebabs {made from the egg whites}, stuffed with shredded cheese and served in a curry of tomatoes and onions. You gotta try their egg paaplet {INR 250} which is basically a jumbo three omelet filled with shredded boiled eggs in a secret gravy, cheese, and green chilli. They also have egg Lahori, classic yolkcheese on toast {egg yolk with cheese, and spices}, egg kheema and so many such dishes. Some of these dishes have secret ingredients which are handmade in Surat and brought in to Mumbai.

Apart from this, we found the dishes are made with such generous portions that we think eggs are the new lunch, and dinner goals. They’re delicious, filling, and super budget-friendly.

These dishes are served with four pieces of their in-house soft bread, and a salad.
Here a filling meal for two will cost you INR 600 {approximately}.

Sip On

They keep it simple, yet fresh. They skip your regular aerated drinks, and instead bring in the extremely popular soda, Sosyo from Surat. Drown your heavy flavours and choose from their four types of soda – orange, peach-flavoured, or jal jeera soda.

So, We’re Saying…

We came back happy people, stuffed and well-fed. The dishes were simple, yet flavourful, and for a moment we forgot we were having eggs. In Ghatkopar, or heading there anytime soon? Get crackin at it.


They will be starting their delivery in Ghatkopar, and Vikhroli soon. Got nighttime hunger pangs? What’s better than egg kebab to fill you up, eh?


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