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What Makes It Awesome?

One of the few places listed on zomato with a 4.9 rating, I was a little skeptical about the rating before, but after I visited this place and tasted their food, I can vouch for their 4.9 rating. The ambiance, staff everything is pretty good. A FRIENDS themed Cafe and Bar, this is heaven for people who drink or love to drink alcohol. The decor and the ambiance is like that of a nightclub, dim lights to get you in the mood of partying, with loud music playing in the background, this is a place for partying not a place to have a quiet and peaceful time.

Dishes tried :

1) Cocktails:
¶ Sherry de Cherry: A vodka-based drink, a subtle and elegant drink, looks majestic and tasted majestic too. A nice and strong hit if vodka added to it. Would definitely recommend it.

¶ Aampanna Banta: This drink will bring back all the old memories you've had. A Nostalgic drink, a gota soda bottle with some great flavor and a wonderful taste of alcohol to it. A nostalgic bottle with the nostalgic flavor. Would surely recommend this drink.

¶ Mitron navy grog: A spicy cocktail with Gin as it's base, a nice taste of the juices and gin, the flavors mixed very well and some spices added to it, will get your system ready to party.

2) Starters:
¶ Roomali Prawns: A nice and crispy roomali cover with a delicious and juicy fried prawn. Since I'm a huge prawn lover I loved this dish. The prawn was an absolute delight. Prawns like these make me a prawn lover.

¶ Cilantro pesto chicken tikka: Chicken Tikka marinated perfectly and served with Cilantro and pesto sauce. The chicken pieces were as tender as it could get, a melt in the mouth meat, just how a chicken starter should taste like. Mouthful of happiness in every bite. Would definitely recommend this.

¶ Butter chicken vol au vents: Butter chicken gravy served on top of some puff pastry. I felt the pastry would be to hard and would crumble with every bite, but surprisingly the pastry wasn't hard, a bite kept the dish intact. The taste was pretty good, a good old fashioned butter chicken gravy, tasted pretty good. Quantity wasn't that great but the taste was. Would recommend this too.

3) Pizza:
¶ Makhani Pizza(Chicken): A chicken pizza loaded with chicken pieces, onions and finally a lot of cheese. Get a cheese pull with every slice. A thin crust pizza that tasted absolutely delicious. Since this was a thin crust pizza, this is the perfect pizza for two people. Would recommend it.

4) Dessert :
¶ Rabdi Donut: The dessert sounded delicious. Both of my favorite ingredients put together. The donut wasn't chocolate or some other type of donut with toppings, it was a normal plain bread donut that tasted decent, stuffed with Rabdi between the slices. A quite decent dish.

On the whole, I felt this place would be overrated, but it wasn't, it deserves its rating. The servers need a little more knowledge about the dishes, they weren't able to answer some of my queries. The service was great. The food also was amazing, a place that has to be visited at least once.

Service 4.5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Food 5/5
Recommended 5/5

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

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