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This Brand Makes Biodegadable Northeast Black Ceramics With Global Twist

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Based out of London and inspired by India, this design studio makes kitchenware that combines the best of both worlds - the ease and convenience of modern design and technology and the enduring traditions and environmental sustainability of old-school materials. Their signature range of products are inspired by and made from materials from Longpi in Northeast India. Completely bio-degradable and ideal for slow cooking, these are made for convenience and two-step cooking from stovetop to oven. Prices start at INR 1,790 for a bowl.

    Besides the Longpi collection, they also have design products that are great for the modern home. These include the concrete planters and vases that take inspiration from water towers - functional and quirky. Prices start from INR 6,502. Besides these shop other functional items like non-drip water pots, powder-coated platters, storage jars, handwoven rugs, quilts, and decorative items like scented candles and candle holders.

    Prices start from approx 2,300 and up. Contemporary, stylish and design-focused, these products are made for contemporary homes and work best if modern is your design aesthetic.

    What Could Be Better

    Tiipoi's products are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum and you won't find anything for less than INR 2,000 off their website. However, you pay for originality, uniqueness and out-of-the-box design.


    Shop via their website and keep an eye on their socials for new collections and designs.

      Available Online