Mommies-To-Be, This Subscription Box Will Pamper You During Your Pregnancy

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Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Although sometimes, it can be overwhelming. There are all types of mommies to be. The ‘belly-flaunting-and-luminous-skin’ divas, the ‘is that really my hip size’ ones, the well-researched, Excel-sheet-making ones and the ‘just tell me what to do in simple sentences’ ones.

To help mommies with this confusing, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating phase of life, Mommy’s Magic Box has created subscription boxes to bundle up the right products for every little comfort they might need during pregnancy.

What Makes It Awesome

The products in the boxes are curated after extensive research, some self-attestation and several trustworthy recommendations. They have a Second Trimester Box, Third Trimester Box, All Naturals Mommy’s Kit, Daddy-To-Be Box, Lactation Box and Photo Bug Baby Shower Box. Apart from the boxes, they also have a wide variety of products you can order.

The Second Trimester box has items like bra extenders {for the fluctuating bra size}, homemade belly butter, a relaxation CD Because the baby can hear everything, a pregnancy cookbook that is really good, on the go things like super seeds, a metal bottle and a dry fruit tin to keep the hunger pangs at bay and keep mommies hydrated.

Their lactation box is for post-delivery with Sweetish House Mafia lactation cookies {that help mommies milk better while also tasting good}, lemon fennel tea to help reduce colic in the baby through mom’s milk, hair masque to help with the horrible hair fall, all-natural deodorant that’s safe during breastfeeding, a lactation trail mix that we make ourselves, a nipple oil that’s again natural.

Apart from these, they also have other boxes with an amazing selection of products.


Mommy’s Magic Box also makes specialized gifting boxes for those who wonder what gifts to give to your friend/family/loved one at their baby shower or post childbirth. All you need to do is subscribe and they’ll set you on the right course. Mommy’s Magic Box has found the solution to every mommy problem with panache and we recommend every mommy to be to give it a try. Also, these boxes can be amazing gifts too.


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