Cakes, Chips & More: Have A Slice Of Nostalgia At This Old Cake Shop In The City

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Monginis, with its 236 outlets in the city is one of the largest cake shop chains in India. We explore why it still works a quick snack stopover.

Chow Down

For many of you, Mongini’s may be that one cake shop you used to drag your parents to for a treat. The cake shop has been standing tall since 1958, and has been catering to snacking needs and birthday party needs flawlessly. The best items on their menu still are the potato shells, chips, puffs and pattice {INR 14 upward}. We remember going to Mongini’s after a long day at school/college to have a slice of Devil’s Delite {INR 30}. Their cakes are still one of the most ordered int the city. Not only us, even Karan Johar admitted to loving their cakes in an interview with Alia Bhatt.

So, We're Saying...

Mongini’s has retained the old-school charm and we like that. You can still see college and school students thronging to the outlets, snacking on their delicious pastries.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai