Monsoon Mania: A Handy Guide To Ordering Everything In

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The monsoon spares no one – not even your daily chores. If you are averse to stepping out in monsoon, this list could be your saviour.

Order In Veggies

A service that promises to get the best of produce from local sources and abroad, Farm Fresh is recommended for its convenience. You can get real-time market updates, a large variety of produce, their delivery time is shorter than any other service {20-120 min} and they bring a card machine home so that you don’t have to set foot on the scorching roads of the city. You can even choose the fortnightly payment option. Currently operational in Bandra, Khar, Santa Cruz, Vile Parle and Juhu, you can return the package if it’s not up to your standards.


If you could get back all the time you’ve spent at ATMs, how many wines bottles would you buy with that (’cause time is money)? If you’re #TeamSweatpants like us and prefer swiping your debit/credit card without moving an inch, bookmark this list of wine shops that bring card machines home. Take your pick on the map here and order away.


Groceries, Meat & Seafood

While groceries are an easier game with multiple online portals catering to your needs, meat and seafood are a little difficult to buy, considering you always want to pick the best lot by hand. But, worry not. If you don’t wish to venture out into the markets, trust these delivery services to provide you with clean and fresh seafood and meat. Read more here.

Package Delivery

If your memory is not your best friend, and you keep leaving things behind at home or office, Russsh is a blessing. Forgot something at home and can’t go back to pick it up? Call Russsh and they’ll pick it up to deliver it to you. A surprise gift delivery to someone? Need to spot some cash to a friend? Want your clothes picked up from your local tailor? They do it all. Use Russsh to avoid that awkward encounter with an ex {to pick up stuff you left behind} or to never utter the dreaded ‘I forgot my documents at home’ again. Starts at INR 200 per delivery. Go here.

Pet Grooming

Which pet owner doesn’t love giving their pet dog some much-needed pampering? From the new toy to the brush to the continuous scratch, the list is endless. And now, there is one more thing on your list – spas that have a pickup and drop services to ensure that your pet has the best service provided to them! Read our list of pet salons that have a pickup and drop facilities here.



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