This New Mulund Restaurant Serves Palatable Food & Has Pretty Interiors

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What Makes It Awesome?

You will be surprised to know the story behind Bindaas Begum Rockin' Raja, but that aside, do you want to relish some of the most authentic cuisines that were served by khansamas to the rajas (kings) or the troops during the war? I may not be able to do full justice to describe the place, but I could easily describe this as one of the best and honest restaurants in Mumbai.

The effort to curate the menu on board and turning all of it into reality took them about four and a half years in research and collating the lost recipes which India was known for.

The makers have taken a serious effort in making the place one-of-its-kind, and you will realise the same when you look at their ambience. Again, once you enter the place you will be left speechless, the theme is all about Mughal rajas and traditions along with the obvious royal theme. You will see a lot of intricate and eloquent artefacts across every wall - mirror work to a gramophone, a wall of fame of various kings, hand-paintings of Begum and Raja, the swords, beautiful and intricate chandeliers, and beautiful seating arrangement.

Coming to the food, we started our foodgasm journey with -

- Filter coffee (Rating 5/5) and Guavarita (Rating 5/5) - The beginning hit the perfect note with these two drinks. The filter cold coffee was soothing whereas, the well-balanced spiced guava drink with a hint of jalapeno was another treat. Guavarita is highly recommended at the beginning whereas, filter coffee at the end of the meal.

- Watermelon and feta salad (Rating 5/5) - Pleasing to the eyes at the very first glance, the lovely use of feta cheese on top of cubicle watermelons was this delicious salad. It is a must-have.

- Chicken Pyajao soup (Rating 4/5) - Not a Burmese cuisine fan frankly but, this was an eye-opener in spite of being a multi-cuisine restaurant. The soup tasted tangy-ish like tomato soup, but the little chicken cubes in the soup were yum. They served this dish with coriander leaves, potato wafers, mint leaves, red chilly sauce, and bay leaves. This would be enjoyed by a Burmese fan. So watch out.

- Chicken country captain (Rating 4.5/5) - The flavours of the chicken were soul-satisfying to start with. This dish was taken from those small joints at ports during British Raj, which was served to the captains of trade ships. The chicken pieces were succulent and delicious. You should try this dish, for sure.

- Butter chicken croquettes (Rating 5/5) - Croquettes were lovely to munch on. They were perfectly cooked from outside with well-layered breadcrumb (not very thick layer) and delicious butter chicken. They are served with the butter chicken gravy mayonnaise. This dish will not disappoint you.

- Butter garlic tiger prawns (Rating 5/5) - We usually tend to order this at different restaurants. It's a dish with loads of butter and garlic. You get to taste the actual prawns, and that’s why I love this dish so much. The prawns are accompanied by beautifully sauteed vegetables like spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, and celery, etc.

- Railway mutton curry with steamed ambe mohar rice {Rating 5/5} - The curry is moderately spiced, runny gravy yet packed with oodles of flavour to please your palate. It's a must-have, guys! Ambe mohar is a variety of rice, full of fragrance, it's grown in the foothills of the western region of Maharashtra. The gravy blends perfectly with this rice.

- Double tadke wali daal (Rating 5/5) - This dish was SO good. It was well-cooked, had a great texture, and the flavours were spot on.

For desserts, we tried Nimish Tumki, Shahi Tukda, and tiramisu (Rating 5/5) - Nimish tumki is a Lucknowi delicacy, more like a cream pudding, whereas, shahi tukda is a Hyderabadi delicacy made with bread, and it is well-balanced. All the desserts were distinctively class apart and well-presented. I wish I could choose one, but I can't. Order all three, and let me know your favourite.

My overall experience was splendid, the ambience, staff courtesy, knowledge of the food, presentation, and, of course, the most important part - the taste. I would love to visit this place again.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, and Kids.

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