This Eatery Is Serving Authentic Italian Food & That's Both Delicious & Pocket-Friendly

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What Makes It Awesome

Italy In A Box serves the best Italian cuisine that I’ve ever tasted to date. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. The crust of the pizza was perfectly crunchy and the flavour of the pizza blended really well with all the ingredients used. I was totally amazed at the garlic bread because it was fresh, crispy and tender {no seasoning required for the garlic bread!} It was simply perfect. The soup here is served in glasses and along with this great presentation, it is also great in terms of taste. The Terrezaro soup is a well herbed and spiced soup. Also, the creamed exotic veggies in Pomodoro sauce are just amazing as they have the best veggies chosen for the meal.

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