Love Ed Sheeran, Harry Potter & Pizza? This Illustrator Will Put Them On A Card For You

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Now that we know Ed Sheeran is coming to Mumbai {read here about it}, you’ve gotta get your hands on these lovely bookmarks and cards, that combine our love for Ed and Pizza and Harry Potter’s unsung hero for many, Snape.

Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down

Mansi Deshpande is a 23 year old Mumbai-based illustrator who goes by her Instagram name, ‘The Comical Cyanide’. And through her Instagram page, she sells really witty cards, bookmarks and other quirky merchandise – all made by her.

It all began in college for Mansi, when she used to make bookmarks for herself and carry them everywhere. Intrigued by these unique bookmarks her friends started requesting her to make some for them. Ultimately, after a bit of an encouraging push from a couple of her friends, she set up a page to sell these bookmarks. First bookmarks, then came the cards, and soon you can expect cool badges as well.

What We Love

Everything that Mansi creates. We are in love with her Harry Potter series born out of her own love for J.K Rowling. Describing herself as a Pottermore and a Snape loyalist – she began illustrating her favourite characters and moments from the book. Hence, find the famous dialogue that took place between Dumbledore and Snape, ” Even after all this time? Always”. Magical…

We also found food-themed cards as tokens of her undying love for pizza. Our favourite one was her play on our boy Ed’s song, ” The shape of you”. She does not fail to bring it up twice, that her love for pizza and Ed, goes hand in hand.

There’s more for everyone. Find chai and samosas, cute birdy jokes and adorable love quotes to gift your partner, bestie or to yourself.

So, We're Saying...

If you’d been looking to buy cards to gift to your favourite people, Mansi will ship them out to you. She ships these things pan-India. The bookmarks are priced between INR 80 to INR 120 and the cards come in sets of five, 10, 12 and 15. Therefore, for a set of five you pay INR 250, and for a set of 15, it comes down to INR 500. Shipping charges are included. However, do note that she will not ship out individual/single items.

Mansi is also open to customising the cards {during her free time}, so feel free to get in touch with her.

To buy these lovely bookmarks and cards, go here.


The Comical Cyanide also does really funny cartoons and illustrations, so if you want a bit of a laugh in your life, follow her adventures on her Facebook here.


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