Dust Off That Guitar: Four Jam Rooms In Mumbai That Aspiring Musicians Will Love

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Ten-Second Takeaway

In a city with over 53,000 people per square mile, if you’re a musician with a penchant for cranking the volume you’re bound to have at least a handful of upset neighbours.

Local independent music is growing every day in the city, with fresh bands hitting stages, airwaves and stores like never before. If you’re a young musician looking to put in Gladwell’s 10,000 hours {and maybe spread them out amongst your bandmates}, here’s five of the best jam rooms from across the city to hone your craft in.

3rd Step Music

Having evolved greatly over the years, Caleb Veigas’ jam room in Bandra in still as reliable and well maintained as ever. It now co-exists with a café called MAAKAPOW serving craft burgers with a local twist, so you can grab a quick bite to eat between your sessions. 3rd Step also has a sister space in Juhu – just as reliable, minus the food.

Cost: INR 400/hr

Timings: 24/7


This little red room opposite Mahim Station packs a real punch for smaller bands looking for someplace affordable. Rent an instrument, use the WiFi and explore your sound with some premier equipment in pristine condition.

Cost: INR 250/hr

Timings: 10am to 10pm

Plug n Play

Jam rooms almost always serve as recording studios as well, but this special place in Goregaon provides great facilities and offers {including bulk bookings and mix/master packages} while doubling as a performing studio. They regularly hold grassroots gigs for bands on the up, and open jam sessions where you could meet your future bandmates.

Cost: INR 300/hr

Timings: 24/7

Delta Jampad, Malad

If you want something that feels a little less professional and a little more homely, Delta Jampad offers a large space with a touch of warmth and colour. Unlikely most other jam rooms, Delta is open till midnight for those struggling to make time and find convenient slots.

Cost: INR 300/hr

Timings: 7am to midnight


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