There’s a slight crispy chill in the air, and then it comes back again post 7pm. This is it, this is the winter Mumbai awaits all-year round – though terming it ‘winter’ may be a bit of an over-exaggeration. We do, however, love the winter look and clothes. Check out our online picks of blazers and jackets for men – just right for this now warm-now chilly weather.

This quilted bomber jacket is light and made for the crispy chilly evenings. Throw it over a basic tee and you're good to go to meet the gang. It's got a zipper in the front - so warm up when it's chilly and leave it open when out partying.
Price: INR 1,495
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This slim-fit earth brown jacket by The Indian Garage is classy and cool. Stitched with cotton-blend fabric, you can be assured it can fight off the AC at work and also carry on as your party look in a club.
Price: INR 1,599
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We do have a thing for all shades of brown, especially when it comes bearing in a khaki-coloured blazer. This rugged cotton jacket from Parx has the classic lapel collar and and concealed pockets - fitting for a casual or professional look. Black jeans, white shirt and khaki jacket? We think so!
Price: INR 2,700
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Moving from a professional space to a more casual and chill space - this blue denim is what late summers are about. This denim jacket by Mr Buttons {a fashion label for men} is achingly cool and ruggedly charming as they describe it. Have a first-date coming up? Happy shopping fella, glad to be of help.
Price: INR 6,999
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This Zobello black cotton blazer for men is the equivalent of a woman's desire to own one perfect little black dress. This semi-formal blazer is perfect for a casual night out, or a corporate meeting. Think brogues, jeans and a basic tee - a perfect combo for a hangout.
Price: INR 1,549
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Featured photo source: MR BUTTON