Things You Should Know Before You Move To Mumbai

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Probably the only city in India that witnesses the highest influx of people, Mumbai truly is the city of dreams. The people, the spirit, the nightlife and the sea – it never sleeps.If you are planning to move to Mumbai, there are certain things you should know.

Weekend Trips Are A Thing

Getting away from the city is a thing in Mumbai. From having a National Park in the city to having getaways as near as 80kms, Mumbai aces the short trips game. You can have luxurious weekends recharging at wellness getaways or go trekking, camping at various destinations. Check out homestays on a budget here.

Momo Stalls Are Rare

Yeah, deal with it. But, it’s not like they are not available at all. There are a few joints that serve lip-smacking momos. Also, there are kickass North-Eastern stores and restaurants for you to check out. You can check out the list of places that serve momos here.

Making Friends Is Easy

People are always out and about here. There are hundreds of gigs happening every day, weekends are full of parties, performances and shopping. You have various venues, communities and groups here. There’s something for everyone. Even at bars, people are usually friendly and don’t take you for a weird person if you try to strike a conversation. Here’s a list of places where you can make friends.

There's No Place For Complacent People

Hustling is in Mumbai’s DNA. Everyone here takes their jobs seriously and there is no room for complacent people here. It’s harsh but, it is the truth. If you’re not ready to slog it out yet, think about it. And for those who are in it to win it, Mumbai never disappoints! Check out co-working spaces here.

You Can Go Anywhere, Anytime

Public transport is excellent here. Whether it’s the dense network of train lines, cabs or autowallahs that go by meter, buses that ply regularly – Mumbai never really stops. You can hop from place to place with ease. And even if you’re going to Alibaug for a getaway, there’s always the ferry that’ll cost you under INR 200. Know all about the public transport here.


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