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Love Street Food? Here's Where You Can Get Healthy Versions Home-Delivered

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A new year is upon us, and while it's easy to meal-prep and plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacking and random cravings can be a real Achilles' heel for your health goals. Thankfully, there's a way out - healthy snacking. When you're hungry between meals and need something healthy to satiate you, call for these options!

Indigo Deli, Multiple Outlets

If it's the beginning of the month and you're open to splurging, call for the Kale Apple Salad (INR 545), the Mushrooms and Spinach Sandwich (INR 645), or the Quinoa and Kidney Bean Burger with Avocado (INR 595).
Yes, they're all pricey... But eating healthy's worth it.

Healthie, Multiple Outlets


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Healthie has amazing options which are available all over the city.Try their Veggie Oats Cheela (INR 189), or their Beetroot Idli with Sambhar (INR 169), or their Chocolate Walnut Bomb (INR 50), if you'd prefer a sweeter snack.

InnerChef, Multiple Outlets

This one's a super pocket-friendly option that'll have you covered for a lot of different snacks. Their Enthu Cutlet (INR 165), the Chowpatty Sandwich (INR 129) and the Chana Chaat (INR 119) are amazing options for healthy mid-day snacking. 

Woodside Inn, Multiple Outlets

We love Woodsiide's Ragi Crepes with Cottage Cheese, Spinach and Bean Sprouts (INR 645), the Grilled Balsamic Veggies (INR 495) and the Sriracha Red Lentil and Carrot Burger (INR 545). Haan, this too, is a luxe option. Save this for when you want to trat yourself... And still keep things healthy!