Bangalore's Favourite Dinner Date Spot, Toast & Tonic, Has Arrived In Mumbai!

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Toast & Tonic: East Village Style, is an international restaurant and bar that has made its way to BKC, Mumbai. Opened in association with Olive Bar and Kitchen, their new-age dining experience and exceptionally good bar makes us want to explore what this space has in store for us all. Especially after all the rave reviews we’ve heard from our Bangalore friends.

It’s Not A Meal, It’s An Experience

Effortlessly chic, much like the East Village in south Manhattan {a super Bohemian neighbourhood}, Toast & Tonic is a refreshing break from the usual restaurants you see in the city. While over the last few months Mumbai has seen some very fine new openings, Toast & Tonic will certainly hold a spot in the top five. The interiors are basic, beautiful and completely not over-the-top. If anything, they will remind you of an old country barn.

Come to this amazing restaurant cum bar for an experience, not just to have a meal. A meal here is comforting, yet gastronomically curious and the food-artisan inspired to modern. So don’t be shy of exploring. And don’t be too afraid for you’re probably going to get surprised. While the menu is primarily international, it’s still not letting go off the Indian elements, and Indian products are used here in a non-traditional way. The menu here will change as per the season, keeping the novelty factor going and letting patrons enjoy something new and unique every single time. Look forward to some delicious and unique recipes on the menu that is bursting with influences, stretched as wide as French, Asian, Italian, American, and even Latin American.

A Bar Like That

Now, coming to what’s driving us all crazy, the fantastic bar at Toast & Tonic is one of a kind. There will be spirits and beers from around the world, a selection of wines and a huge variety of cocktails. Much like the kitchen, everything here is made from scratch, meaning outside ingredients and artificial flavours have got no space here, so much so, that they’re made their own shrubs and tonics. A selection of flavoured tonics include the Spiced Vanilla Tonic, Flower Power Tonic and Star Anise and Pear Tonic. Of course, they will have signature gin and tonic combinations including The Herbalist {gin, basil and orange tonic water, served with coriander-orange ice}, Gin-tleman’s Tonic {gin, jasmine tea, elderflower and grapefruit tonic water, served with rose petal-cucumber ice}, British Raj {gin, pomegranate and cinnamon tonic water, served with rose petal-cucumber ice} and much more. They will obviously also have some fine, fine cocktails that will leave you a bit tipsy-topsy.

So, We're Saying...

We’re not gonna say anything more because we’d much rather have you explore this wonderful new restaurant which opens its doors to the public on May 25. We can’t wait to dig into the delicious delicacies here and wash them down with the even more fabulous and tasty concoctions.


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