This International Brand Expert Recommends 7 Must-Have Summer Beauty Essentials

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It’s known that we girls love our handbags and feel the need to fill it with everything possible just to be safe. But how many of those products can we use to look our best even when we’re caught off guard? Not too many! For this reason, we’ve shortlisted seven summer essentials that we believe are absolutely essential to carry in your handbag to look stylish anytime anywhere!

With inputs from Jody Lebbing, Brand Expert at Batiste, one of the most popular dry shampoo brands globally and in India.

Lip and Cheek Tint From Ilaha Organics

Beetroot Pigmented Lip and Cheek Tint - 10ml


A lip and cheek tint is perfect to carry, it serves the purpose of a blush and a lip colour in just one product and helps add a pop of colour to the face.

World's No 1 Dry Shampoo From Batiste

Dry Shampoos

Don’t let your hair get in the way of looking gorgeous while you’re on your summer holiday! Hence, I highly recommend keeping a bottle of dry shampoo in your bag. Batiste’s range of dry shampoos leaves your hair feeling lively, clean, and refreshed with an easy-to-love scent that matches any mood. Think citrus orange, lily or lavender. 

Psst, there’s also a mini size which is super compact and convenient to carry.

Sunscreen From Dr. Sheth’s

Basic Brightening Daily Sunscreen (50ml)


The time has come to ditch your winter creams for yet another layer of protection for your skin — the sunscreen. Sunscreens not only prevent the skin from tanning, but mainly help guard ourselves against skin burns, photoaging, wrinkling pigmentation problems etc. Dr. Sheth’s daily sunscreen is not only protects your skin from the sun, but also helps repair it. Brownie points as it’s cruelty-free too!    

Tip: In fact, sunscreens should be used all through the year, and even during monsoons.

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows


Long vacay? Keep this tiny equipment in your bag. Think of this equipment as a pen with a chic gold finish. Having this brow device in your handbag ensures perfect brows in just a couple of minutes with no pain or redness.

Face Spray From Forest Essential

Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist

Nothing could be worse than body odour and a good body mist can surely save your day. I’d go for Forest Essential’s Oudh and Green Tea Body Mist as it’s soothing scent will surely be a perfect mood lifter for this season. Keep it handy in your bags and spray a few times before going on a date with bae!

Aloe Mist From Juicy Chemistry

Aloe Vera Water Toner

A hydrating toner with soothing aloe, this helps reduce irritation and calm sun-damaged skin with a whole lot of thirst-quenching H2O. The best part is the spray nozzle, which lightly and evenly mists the face instead of producing concentrated bursts of water that could melt off makeup.

BB Cream From Olay

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Touch Of Foundation BB Cream Day SPF 15

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A BB cream is perfect to cover light blemishes and give you an even base. Most BB Creams have SPF which is great for sun protection, so select one that does.