Sock It: Get Yourself Quirky Socks From This Quirky Brand

What Makes It Awesome

Quirky socks are officially a thing. Whether it's wearing the cutest pair and lounging in bed. Or putting on your funkiest socks to make your sneakers look cool. Or you simply love hoarding your favourite superhero-themed or animal printed socks. So, if off late if a pair of socks has been your favourite accessory, here's another brand you can shop from. 

Known for their high-quality fabrics and quirky prints, Mustang Socks is an amazing online brand which majorly sells of their products via Amazon and their Instagram account. Expect bright colours, lots of prints, polka dots, fruit-themed ones etc. They've got a collection for men, women and kids. The prices for these from INR 200. 

What Could Be Better

More variety in terms of designs and themes.