Mutton Lovers? Drop By Taftoon For Some Amazing Kashmiri Delights

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What Makes It Awesome?

I was here on an invite. The menu was chef's special, we were very delighted and excited about the same. Was greeted warmly and as soon as we sat we were served with Kashmiri Kawa- traditional Kashmiri tea(nor sweet nor sour) reminds you of Kashmir if you have visited. Followed by a variety of Papads to have, all were crispy and good.

2 mocktails,
-Egyptian Hibiscus & Cranberry Ices Tea: One of the best mocktails I have ever drunk. Which is a perfect blend of sour and sweet, which I think everyone can have it?
-Blue Butterfly Pea Ice Tea: However this one was ok, tasted like lemon ice tea however on the sweeter side.

Then came the Starters,
-Taftoon Pe Harissa: Taftaan smeared with Harissa Paste, minces in stone, spices in cardamom, and saffron, slowly cooked. We can choose from Gucchi and Mushroom / Chicken/ Lamb/ Mixed platter. I had Gucchi and mushroom and I must say it took me by surprise as it was simply superb.
-Gaulati Kebabs: Kebabs which melts as soon as you put in your mouth, simply perfect, tender and awesome.
-Mirza Hasnu Tikka: Perfectly marinated fresh and tender chicken served with salad. Spices used are next to perfect which makes it next perfect.
-Chote Kulchey Chole: Traditional Punjab chole kulchey but in a smaller size, as soon as you see it or have it you get reminded of Punjab or Amritsar streets, it's so well prepared.

The main course was terrific,
-Mutton Kheema: Finely chopped mutton perfectly cooked with spices and boneless mutton pieces. It so well prepared that of the whole lot which was served to us we were just excited to have this. It is a must-have.
-Chicken Gravy: Fresh and tender chicken served in gravy which is a blend of various spices. Every bite you have gives you a taste of spices used.
-Daal Makhani: Traditional dal makhani taste exactly the same as homemade one, so I simply loved this one. Just couldn't get my hands off it.
-Bhendi Masala: For veggies, this is a must one, perfectly chopped bhindi blended and cooked in spices which makes it fun to have. All served with 3 different types of rotis which is their speciality, I must say all of them were good.

Last but not least, deserts,
-Kaju Kulfi and Anjeer Falooda: Traditional all famous and everyone fav. Kulfi served with delicious anjeer, sabjja and sweet noodles. Having this makes you feel complete.

Quantity - Enough for two
Quality - Good
Recommended - Gaulati Kebabs and Mutton Kheema are must-have)

What Could Be Better?

Blue butterfly pea ice tea.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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