Get Moss Frames, Terrarium Kits, & Planters Home Delivered From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Thanks to the city's pollution, and dying greenery, breathing fresh air is really a luxury. But then we've found a super cool brand called My Bageecha that does something really unique to help you lead a fulfilling life with nature. Read on. 

This brand has introduced the concept of moss frames for your living room that not only adds greenery to your space, but also makes for a great decor piece. These moss frames come in wooden rectangles, squares and circles and have different plants attached to them. Starting from INR 1,050 onward, they really do amp up your wall. And the best part about these frames is that they don't require maintenance, watering, pruning or even sunlight. The life span of each moss fram that you buy, varies from 3 to 5 years, and they also give you a special brush to dust the dirt off the frame and the moss. The popular ones that you can buy off their site are Fern Frenzy, Dainty Blooms, Triad Wildness. Meridien Brier, and The Enlightened Bodhi. 

Apart from just frames, you can get terrarium kits, stationery, pots and planters, seeds, essentials like fertilizers and pesticides, and decor items like fairy garden DIY kits, dreamcatchers, and more. 


This brand is really nailing it with all the greens that they sell. And nothing like getting the best moss frames from the pioneers of the concept itself in India, isn't it? 


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