What Happens When A Naan And A Pizza Fall In Love? You Get A Naanza!

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If you love naans and pizzas alike, then a naanza at SpiceKlub is a must-try for a person like you.

Say Whaaat?

You read that right and we were just as surprised as you probably are at the moment. And we were also just as curious to know what a naanza is. Well, as the name suggests, it’s a fusion of a naan and a pizza. so, as their menu suggests, look forward to a delicious appetizer that combines cottage cheese, garlic and other flavours, all of which are neatly stuffed inside a naan, which is then coated with cheese and served in the form of small, crisp bites. Are you drooling already? You should be because this combination is quite the bomb.

Priced for INR 275, if you love experimenting with food and would love a combination of Indian and Italian flavours, then this dish is worth a shot for sure. The all-vegetarian eatery, SpikeKlub is known for many innovative dishes such as the pav bhaji fondue, pani puris served in test tubes and much more, so be prepared to be surprised.

So, We're Saying...

If your stomach is growling already, then it’s a sign to get out and try something new. So may be eating a naanza is what you should give a serious thought to today.


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