What’s In My LBB: Best Indie Personal Care Brands By Enns Closet Founder

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Indian beauty has been revered for centuries and the magical potions from the Ayurvedic scriptures have been the go-to even for royalty when it came to skincare and haircare. Botanicals and super-foods from the laps of nature itself are the key to Indian beauty brands’ growing success that is taking the skin and hair care industry by storm. These Indian brands mentioned (and so many other local names!) are easily knocking out big international names and it's only a matter of time and perseverance that the glorious secrets of Ayurveda from the subcontinent will be revealed. 

Here, I’m listing a few of my favourites that you should definitely check out, apart from Enns Closet which we believe really fits the bill! 

Enns Closet

Enn's Closet

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Of course this one tops the charts. We started this brand keeping in mind that being beautiful means both on the inside and outside. We ethically source pure ingredients, produce with precision and verify results. Extensive research is done about the benefits of the ingredients before our magical concoctions are prepared. A passion for skin health is the backbone of our brand. My current obsession is Glaze, the Clarified Butter Lip Salve made with ghee.

Juicy Chemistry

A brand we recommend if you like to do a lot of DIYs and play alchemist; then this is the way to go. A wide range of pure and organic cold-pressed oils and essential oils that you can mix with your hair and face oils to drench in the luxury of a good pocket-friendly massage. 

What we heart at the moment is the JC Helichrysum & Rosehip Facial Oil. This sumptuous serum and facial oil is the go to for any pesky acne scars, uneven skin tone and sun damage of sorts. 

Plum Goodness


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One of the fastest-growing brands in the skincare segment, this brand has gained popularity for its limited but almost medicinal ingredients. Started by an IIT-ian, it is a brand well-known for the perfect blend of science and nature. Calming chamomile, soothing aloe, nourishing vitamin E, flavourful caramel, anti-oxidant rich berries are a few top-drawer ingredients in their personal care range.  

I recommend the Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash that doubles up as a face wash and glycolic peel cum gentle exfoliator. This clean and green formulation is easy on the pocket and great on the skin.



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This brand has been around for ages and there are few Indian homes where one wouldn't find a regularly repurchased product from this brand.  A blend of Indian medicinal supremacy and cutting-edge Swiss technology,  this brand has steadily climbed the peak of success in the skin and haircare industry. 

What's not to love about their gentle Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub. Apart from papaya and dates, Yasad Bhasm/Zinc is the super ingredient of this scrub that leaves the skin feeling oh-so-soft after a good exfoliation and provides the skin layers the immunity it needs from sun damage and pollution, minimizes tanning and reveals the beautiful skin underneath.