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Leather Bags, Chic Stationery & DIY Kits: Nappa Dori In Colaba Is Paradise For Leather Lovers

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    The design store that made Delhi fall in love with leather once more, Nappa Dori, has literally left the same effect on Mumbaikars as well. From bags to belts and from stationery to shoes, this premium leather brand has it all. Firmly rooted to Indian origins, Nappa Dori literally means 'leather and thread'.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Nappa Dori has set up shop (and gorgeously, might we add) near the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Colaba. The exteriors, which bear a small typographic brand name lead to a huge store with wooden floors, white-bricked walls and a yellow light which flickers to a ‘Now Open.’ Be prepped to see a lots and lots of browns and dusk hues.

    Perfect for the folks who like to earn their gift, the DIY belt kit contains everything you need to create your own accessory from scratch, including colouring the leather, create the punches and installing the hardware. The array of trays stacked up in the shop is one of the most colourful sections in the shop that pops out among the browns.

    We’ll be putting in our well-thumbed books and a glass of wine of these, please. One of our favourite accessories here is something that may be might be taken for the store’s decor itself- their geometric glass pieces. It’s a truth that needs no opposition, the leather handcrafted stationery, planners, and even pencils at Nappa Dori will make you a writer of its own accord.

    You can also pick from a range of bags, leather trunks, pet accessories, travel gear, tech gear, accessories, stationery and home decor, that make their own statements, perfect for gifting. 

    During Rakhi season, they have their own range of leather rakhis that must be collected. Ranging from tan colours to browns and even blues, their rakhi collection is perfect and can even be used as a bracelet after! The price for their rakhis is INR 850 and upwards. 


    Apart from the pleasure of shopping in such a gorgeous store (in Colaba, we know!), you also have the luxury of sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at their cafe called Cafe Dori. 

    Honestly, could it get any better? 

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