Cheese Or Chocolate? Narayan's Dosa At Grant Road Serves 35 Varieties Of Our Fave Snack

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From a humble food stall to a hole in the wall, Narayan’s Dosa has been serving dosas for over 20 years now and still remains a college kid’s favourite.

Chow Down

A quick walk from the sea-facing Wilson college in South Mumbai, tucked away on Grant road is Narayan’s Dosa with over 35 varieties of simple but not so plain dosa. It’s a tiny place dedicated to this South Indian dish, and is often packed. From the old townies to new college kids, dosa-loving people make sure they stop by here for a quick bite. We checked out Narayan’s on a Saturday evening, and though it was crowded, we got our order fresh and piping hot within five minutes.  
Made right in front of you – the dosas here come with all sorts of fillings. There’s palak cheese, schezwan, chocolate, chocolate cheese and even chocolate paneer dosa {do you dare?}. We straight up went for the butter sada {INR 40}, and paneer chilli dosa {INR 110} both favourites among the crowd. They came laden with two types of green chutney {one regular with garlic and one Jain}. The dosas are filling, simple and affordable.

So, We're Saying...

Chances are, if you’ve been a SoBo college kid especially studying at Wilson’s – you’ve already been here for a quick dosa catch up. If you haven’t, go in for a super quick butter sada dosa round.


They offer Jain dosas, as well as utthapams.

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