Taboo, Monopoly And More: This New Board Game Cafe In Oshiwara Is Pretty Cool

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A cute little café called Pair-a-Dice is located in Oshiwara. Let’s take a look.


With chessboards as table tops, it isn’t hard to tell that Pair-A-Dice is meant for boardgame enthusiasts. They have 150 board games, old and familiar as well – from Monopoly and Taboo, to newer games as well.

Pick a game of your choice and the helpers at the restaurant will explain the rules to you at your table.

What Should I Eat?

Their food is simple, but delicious. From a range of sandwiches, pita bread, to chocolate shakes, they have everything for a chill evening.

They also have some good ol’ bites to munch on so that you don’t bite off all your fingernails in nervousness while playing a game – from sriracha flavoured popcorn, nachos, jalapeno corn balls and more.

For mains, there are a variety of pasta, pizza and Chinese-Indian options. You’ve got to pick one of their chocolate shakes.

So, We're Saying...

Making weekend plans? Roll the dice if you must, but given how cute the place is, the odds are you are going to end up visiting this café. No kidding.


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