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Pasta Bar To Burgers By A Popular Chef: 13 New Eateries To Visit This Weekend

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You look away for a few seconds, and *poof* pops open a new restaurant in Mumbai. Somehow, despite being called the maximum city, Mumbai finds a place to accommodate a new eatery, bar, or bakery that offers the city something worth biting into. 

As usual, new restaurants have opened up in Mumbai. So, here's what you should be checking out!

Toast Pasta Bar, Lower Parel

Kamla Mills' latest entrant, Toast Pasta Bar opened doors at the end of July. Chef Devika Manjrekar who gave the city deliciously innovative doughnuts is now serving up plates of handmade fresh pasta. Describing itself as 'your neighbourhood pasta and cocktail bar', Toast's menu will make you feel like you're at a trattoria in Italy. From sides that come with an Amalfi lemon, roasted nuts, and focaccia, to even offering classic Italian coffees, the space offers it all alongside Italian mains and of course, pasta.

Cuisine: Italian

Dishes To Order: Gnocchi Cacio E Pepe, Pappardelle, Asian Seabass, Tiramisu 

Shell Out: INR 2,000 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: A casual space offering Italian fare with handcrafted pastas, simple ingredients packed with flavour, and also great desserts.

ChimiChurri, R Mall Thane

Offering pan-Asian food, ChimiChurri has opened its second outlet in Thane's R Mall. Offering live sports screenings, a bar that pours cocktails, this restaurant offers a menu that has something for everyone. From sizzlers to sushi, to noodles, and even woks, dim sum, and baos. With its casual interiors and vibe, ChimChurri is a great option to have in the neighbourhood for a bite of Asian food. 

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Dishes To Order: Mapu Tofu, Soy Chilli Fish, Tepanyaki Noodles, Sri Lankan Curry, Assorted Sushi Platter 

Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: Great sushi and loaded sizzlers that are a lovely warm bite to have in the monsoon.

Eight, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel

Eight has opened up to change the face of multi-cuisine. Aptly sitting in a mall, offering something for everyone, Eight is part of the four restaurants under World of Craft, a multi-restaurant destination inside the mall. Eight features classic pan-Asian restaurant elements. You'll spot several red lanterns and red and jade colours all around. There's a sushi bar, offerings of dim sum, and all your Asian staples. The bar menu features Indian and international wines, sake, cocktails, and mocktails. 

Cuisine: Pan Asian

Dishes To Order:  Avocado and Mushroom Bonbon, Tuna Salmon Poke Bowl, Jasmine Smoked Pork Ribs, Lotus Root Dumplings

Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: Chef Sagar's specials which include seafood and pork ribs. The restaurant has a vibe that panders to families and groups shopping at the mall and looking to grab a filling bite.

Dobaraa India - All Day Pub, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel

A casual all-day pub, Dobaraa has a vibe where you can sit fit friends all-day to catch up over a few drinks. It's also a great space for that first date you're super nervous about. The setting mostly features neutrals and lots of green, but mostly don't miss the lovely tiles on the floor. Lots of nibbles and salads feature on the menu, and there are ample sharable options, making this space apt for a group. 

Cuisine: Continental Fast Food

Dishes To Order:  Red Snapper Ceviche, Dobaraa Famous Wings, Pulled Lamb Poutine, Sour Dough Sammies, Bacon & Chorizo Pizza, Cheese Borek 

Shell Out: INR 1,700 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: A space that offers something for everyone and is a great spot to grab a quick drink and a bite. The menu refreshingly features pub fare, offering lots of fresh salads, sammies, and sliders that are easy to grab. 

Taatsu, Cumbala Hill

South Mumbai has a new Japanese bakery that's running out of a home-kitchen! Taatsu, offers Japanese-inspired tarts that are worth ordering and digging into. All tarts are baked to perfection, and feature indulgent flavours. And while the menu might be tight, you won't be disappointed, as it mostly hosts flavours anyone will love. 

Cuisine: Bakery

Dishes To Order:  Vanilla Cheese Tart, Blueberry Cheese Tart, Cara Cara Caramel

Shell Out: INR 500 for two (the price of 1 tart starts at INR 98)

Look Out For: Baked cheese tarts that ooze the filling with a bite. 

KMC*, Fort

Borrowing KM from the heritage building - Kitab Mahal - it's housed in on DN Road, KMC* is Mumbai's newest community space. C* - can be anything you like, a cafe, co-working space, community space, or more. Owners of Ekaa have opened up KMC* for the creative types, and it's a boon for freelancers looking for a spot they can spend hours in without having to order more and more. There are benches by the window, a ceiling-to-floor library of books, a coffee and cocktail bar, music is always low here, and there's even a mezzanine floor you can book for small team meetings. The menu has interesting plates like savoury beignets, sandos, and baos. The cocktail menu features wine cocktails that take inspiration from classics, and there's even a wine list worth checking out. 

Cuisine: Continental, Bar Food

Dishes To Order: Corn Bread & Methi Relish, Brioche Podi, Corn Beignets, Masoor Tagliatelle

Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: Great spots to work from, a quiet and creative setting that let's you stay around for hours, even if that means simply ordering one cup of coffee.

Nair On Fryer

The delivery-only Nair On Fire gets a brick and mortar on Linking Road. They're calling it Nair On Fryer, and offering Kerala cuisine but with simpler bites. The space is small and wears the look of a QSR, but the offerings are worth heading here. The mainstay, as the name suggests, is a lot of fried options doused in spices. 

Cuisine: Kerala

Dishes To Order:  Kerala Fried Chicken, Kerala Fried Aloo, Nair's Chilli Chicken Toastie Sandwich, Kulukki Raw Mango Sharbat

Shell Out: INR 700 for two

Look Out For: Innovative sandwiches and burgers that are stuffed with classic Kerala-style fried chicken/aloo, and more. 

On The Docks, Fort

Sitting in Fort, On The Docks is the latest entrant in Mumbai as a space where you can grab some nibbles, North Indian fare, and cocktails. The space is dimly lit with several tables for large groups, and cozy tables for two that make it an apt bar to try out with your date. The menu mostly serves North Indian and Mughlai fare and even has a Jain menu. They also serve a four-course meal that's t a budgeted price and allows you to try several great items off the menu. 

Cuisine: North Indian/Mughlai

Dishes To Order:  Butter Chicken Pizza, Spicy Seafood Soup,  Kasundi Paneer Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab

Shell Out: INR 1,200 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: Kebabs that are served tikka-style but also feature flavours like aglio oilio. You should visit the space if you love modern-day bars that serve tandoor items.


The newest chocolatier on the block, Smoor at Bandra Reclamation is a new cafe space that's chocolate-forward. You can find luxury chocolates here, with several options for gifting and corporate boxes as well. But the cafe has an expansive menu that offers salad bowls, sushi, burrito, and even quesadilla. There's a breakfast menu too, along with a range of hot chocolate varieties and dessert smoothies and milkshakes. 

Cuisine: Desserts

Dishes To Order:  Coffee Rice Crispies, Butterscotch Bars, Blueberry Dragees, 55% Dark Chocolate Cafe, Eggs Benedict, Croissant Sandwich

Shell Out: INR 700 for two

Look Out For: Boxes that are fit for corporate and other gifting. They also have a fine selection of drinking hot chocolate with a variety of chocolate. 

Speak Burgers, Andheri

Chef Vicky Ratnani's Speak Burgers gets a second outpost. This one is at 4 Bungalows in Andheri, so the delivery-only kitchen has essentially expanded its radius. Get your hands on their classic charcoal-grilled burger range and kettle-cooked chips that pair perfectly with some of the best burgers you'll get in the city. 

Cuisine: American

Dishes To Order: French Quarter Jazzy Burger, classic Turf - Grilled Buff Burger, K-Town - Korean Chicken Burger, Falafel & Cheese Burger

Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two

Look Out For: Charcoal-grilled burgers, and gluten-free and healthy burger options as well. Speak Burgers grills their meat beautifully, but has kept in mind to offer equally delicious veg/gluten-free/healthy burgers

The Game Ranch, Powai

A gaming pub in Hiranandani Gardens offers an ideal weekend plan. It has a countryside gaming theme, as the name suggests, and a bull's face welcomes you at the entrance. They have old-style American entertainment and that reflects in the food here too. You'll find fake horses in stables, wooden sitting booths, wheels for light fixtures, and there's a bowling alley to play at. The overall vibe is the wild west,  and this space is an apt spot for some weekend drinking and gaming.

Cuisine: American

Dishes To Order:  Deep Dish Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Burgers

Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two with alcohol

Look Out For: A wild west-themed ambiance and an old-school bowling alley where groups can come together for some play.

Zane's Cafe, Lower Parel

Located in Todi Mills across Zaffran, Zane's is a contemporary cafe offering quick bites and coffee and juices. The ambiance is simple with mellow yellow lights and black chairs and tables. You'll see a lot of concrete and wood, and the whole vibe is very contemporary. It's a great space to grab lunch if you work in the neighbourhood, and even works as a great space to have a meeting at over coffee. 

Cuisine: Fast Food

Dishes To Order: Akuri, Buttermilk Pancakes, Turkey Bacon & Avocado Sandwich, Chicken Quiche

Shell Out: INR 800 for two

Look Out For: Salads and sandwiches at the cafe, which works as a great space for a quick lunch meeting as it's mostly quiet here and the music is mellow.

Gobble Gobble

Craving a burger but calorie counting? Gobble Gobble, a new cafe in Versova might be the solution. Order in or hop to the neighbourhood to dine, the small space serves up burgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, pasta bowls, and meal bowls under 400kcal. They use only whole wheat bread/bun/crust/wrap and pasta, and even offer the calorie breakdown against each item on the menu. To drink, they offer iced teas, cold brew, and smoothies; and they also have a few sides and granola cups to snack on. The best bit? Is their pricing! With high prices becoming a norm at most cafes/restaurants around Mumbai lately, Gobble Gobble is a breath of fresh air with their pocket-friendly rates. And, a menu that's healthy-ish! 

Cuisine: Fast Food

Dishes To Order: Sloppy Joe, BBQ Paneer Pizza, Lebanese Chicken Bowl, Dark Chocolate Walnut Granola Cup

Shell Out: INR 500 for two

Look Out For: Burgers, pizzas, wraps, and sandwiches - all of which can be ordered with a multigrain option at an additional price, if you're not one to eat whole wheat either.