Gold Walls, Fixtures And More: Excelsior Cinema In Fort Has A New Glam Avatar

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The iconic single-screen that stands a lone soldier in Fort, Excelsior cinema has recently been revamped, and we went there to take a look at the makeover.

All Glitz And Glamour

The single screen cinema which seemed to have shut down the past year left us feeling a little bereft. It’s the age of the multiplexes, we thought solemnly; it’s bound to happen, and we left the thought. A few months later, the news came that Excelsior had now been resurrected. New Excelsior Cinema, as it has now been called was taken charge of by Subhash Ghai’s production house – Mukta Arts.

Gilted with gold, Excelsior 2.0 is as fancy as it gets now. Rose gold lamps, gold matrix-like walls, ceilings The seats are plushy and you will, mark our words, sink into them and consider never leaving them. But if that’s a risk you’re willing to take, this is the cinema for you.

The food remains fairly classic – popcorn tubs, nachos loaded with cheese and the likes. There is an old school touch, however – servers carrying around trays of samosa slung around their neck, selling them in the theatre as though it’s an illegal trade.

Excelsior still is a single screen theatre, screening movies both Hindi & English, and the tickets are priced between INR 100-250 depending on the show timing and day.

So, We're Saying...

Move over multiplexes. We are amused and enjoying the charm of these single screens more and more as they’re making a sequel to the theatres. Does it look a little like the backdrop of a cabaret dance routine? Yes, a little. Does that mean we won’t visit again? Hell no. See you there.