Love Green Tea? Try The New Matcha Flavour At The Parfait Co

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The Parfait Co, the dessert parlour which home-delivers our favourite flavours, is launched a limited edition matcha-flavoured parfait.

Chow Down

The Parfait Co has managed to source a matcha powder {finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea} straight from the farming villages of Japan. The company has been running a lot of tasting trials, resulting in their newest offering.

The matcha parfait is made with eggs, sugar, natural flavouring, matcha powder and heavy cream. They use zero preservatives, colours and other additives. The matcha parfait tastes a little bit like green tea, with a slightly bitter-sweet taste. The parfait has a very light and clean taste, which will serve those who like their desserts to not weigh them down for hours very well. The combination of caffeine and the calming impact of the green tea elements will also find fans among those who enjoy their green tea.

So We're Thinking…

We’re going to be definitely giving them a call this week when the work stress is getting to us and we can’t decide between a glass of green tea and a scoop of dessert.

When: The flavour launches on Tuesday, Sept 14

Price: INR 585 for a tub


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