No Gimmicks Here: Call On Juhu’s Newest Restaurant +91 For Authentic Indian Meals

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A heavy duty area code, especially where food is concerned, +91 is the new kid on the block in Juhu. However, this restaurant is serving up hearty Indian food that’s captivated the imagination of foodies for as long as one can remember.

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Journey across India’s greatest kitchens, one dish at a time, when you check in to +91. Started by Vipul Shah and Bipin Grewal, the menu at this casual dining restaurant is a curation of dishes that are bound to evoke childhood memories – from Amritsari Macchi to Langar Wali Kali Dal.

There’s also plenty to discover – lesser known cuisines {such as Bhutanese} have also made their way to Mumbai as part of the +91 gastronomical experience. Hearty, authentic meals are the star here; pair them with an India-inspired cocktail or two {we’re loving the sound of the +91-866-Avaki Mojito, with Andhra pickles, white rum, mint leaves and lime}.

Everything at +91 will inspire a wave of nostalgia or, as the millennials call it, an epic throwback – from the black and white television sets behind the bar to the colourful thread art that adorns the windows.

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For the first time, your entire squad will agree on where to go for dinner – there’s something for everyone’s appetite at +91.


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