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And now that you've chosen #awesome, you gotta be one and keep up that image. TBH, there's a lot our teams are busy curating for you, but below we've listed the best and all-time loved features that are on our app. Once again, welcome to our big fat community! 

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And as a welcome gift, you can use the coupon code 'LBB100' to earn flat INR 100 off on your first purchase (so, copy-paste this and keep)! Home decor, fashion, beauty, snacks, beverages or stationery - explore and shop from India's best homegrown brands under one roof.

Looking for budget finds? Explore our 'under 999 store'. A full-time snacker? This section is for you. Throwing a dinner party? Not without this cutlery. A crazy decor junkie? You'll fall in love with this collection. Or a stationery hoarder? Then this is your Disneyland! Shifting to a sustainable lifestyle? Here's a good start! Tiny bathroom? You can yet make it magical. We love connecting local businesses and brands to cool shoppers like you! You've got 900+ brands to choose from. Yep. We're totally spoiling you for choice! Go ahead, let the shopping spree begin!  

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LBB Perks is our way of saying thank you to you! These are super easy to earn and use. With every purchase on our Shop (we believe you've already added stuff to your cart), you win shopping points which can be used during your next check out to avail discount on your entire cart amount. 

You can even post a cool recommendation on our platform, and get rewarded for that via shopping points. More deets here

You can always read up on this later, but firstly, SIGN UP and join our community. Woh important hai! Hit the Sign-Up button, type in some words and voila! You're sorted.  

Explore #Awesome Recommendations

We love curating this for you!

Find the coolest alcohol mixers, cutesy stuff for your little ones, minimal decor brands like IKEA #HonestReviews (head straight to our LBBTV), personalised gifts, best Indian coffee brands and lots more!

So, in case you've missed this, head to the homepage and enter your city by hitting 'Select City'! And you'll be able to explore stuff around your hood. Whether you're looking for a farmhouse in the outskirts of the city, hunting for a vegan bag brand, looking to connect with a home baker who'll deliver the best cupcakes or wanna explore the best salad place in your joint - we've done all the hard work for you! 

So, you need to just play around with the feed, hit up the search bar or let our categories surprise you!

Our #LBBCrew Too Says Hi!

Lastly, we'd love you to meet our awesome curators whom you can follow for the coolest articles. And trust us, they've all got super niche (and some weird) interests and posts.

For instance, keep close with Ahalya for her coffee posts and videos. Follow Sreepathy for all things Asian cuisine related (oh, and ceramics). Devyani's got the quirkiest e-stores on her feed! If makeup's your thing (or Korean beauty and shows), Nayantara is your buddy! Decor junkie? Shaili is your go-to for the prettiest decor items and brands.  Looking for the coolest Gin brand? Saniya from Bangalore knows it all. 

Follow them (and many more) and get curated posts on your feed. 

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