New Year, New Beginnings: Our Guide To Resolutions For The New Year

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The start of the new year is a trying time. We've all felt the pressure of reinventing ourselves, and while the eating healthy/being a better person are yearly constants, there's a ton of other resolutions that we've all started making, haven't we? Here's a guide to making sure you follow through with your new-age New Year's resolutions. And some #inspo, of course.

Give Back More: Where to Volunteer and Donate

This is a common one, but it's one that's generally neglected until the festive season comes rolling in. Make it a point to set aside a certain amount of your earnings to causes, like educating the underprivileged, donating to animal welfare organizations, and businesses that recruit the underprivileged. 

Make time to volunteer at causes like this one (if you love kiddos) and/or this one (if you love puppers). 

Trying to Travel More? There Are Loads Of Cheap Options!

Maharashtra is packed with many, many #HiddenGems that are practically unknown. Many are no more than an 8-hour drive away from the city, so you can take advantage of all those long weekends in 2020 and strike 'em off your (wander)list.
Just make sure you plan ahead - we've sorted you out, destination wise!

Live Sustainably: Shop Lesser and Wiser!

Consumerism's got us all shopping a lot more than we need to. It's time we all saved a little cash, and spent on buying products that aren't as harmful to the environment. Thankfully, a lot of stores in the city have a LOT of sustainable options, and some even sell exclusively upcycled/sustainable products! There's this one in Navi Mumbai, this one in Goregaon, and this one in Powai!

(Finally) Awaken The Inner Artist

We've all, at some time in life, regretted not being able to give ample time to ourselves for honing a skill, or signing up for something new to watch, do, or feel. How about giving yourself some break from the hectic lifestyle, and trying your hands at pottery, madhubani painting, bhangra classes, or maybe wine-making? Mumbai has some really cool places hosting classes and workshops. Harkat Studios, Iteeha, and Adagio. Also check out LBB Go for workshops and classes!

Get Organized: Get Yourself Journals!

As much as we sometimes hate it, planning and organizing really takes us places. And because New Year means new beginnings, maybe try and get your life's chores sorted with some amazing planners. We're always in awe of Alicia Souza's planners and diaries. They're cute and colorful, and they're a good prop for that empty desk in your room! There's also a ton of other online brands! Here's a list.


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