The Sushi-Burrito Is The Newest Food Fad To Hit Mumbai

Apoorva posted on 19 July


Sushi + burrito = sushirito. After it first found fans in New York, the newest food meets food to become a brand new, totally unnecessary food trend, the sushirito is now being sold in Shiro, the Asian restaurant in Worli.

So We Ordered It...

We love sushi, and we love burrito, so the sushirito would be all our dreams come true, right? Right? Obviously.

There are six sushiritos up for grabs {that word is really growing on us. Sushirito!}. Only two of these have fish in them, which confused us. Wouldn’t the whole point be lost if it wasn’t fish?

We ordered three – the Thai Crunch Sushirito {mushrooms, water chestnuts, red cabbage, wonton crisps and Thai basil sauce}, the Mahtani Twister Sushirito {grilled Korean chicken, pickled onion, wonton crisps and mahtani mayonnaise} and Red Dragon Sushirito {Scottish salmon, avocado, micro greens, sunflower seeds and spicy teriyaki mayo}.

We ordered it via Scootsy, and the three boxes of sushiritos we asked for showed up in beautiful brown cardboard boxes. We were very taken by the presentation, and our initially very very low expectations rose a tad.


But then, the reality of sushirito hit us in the face. While we’re all for cultural integration, maybe Mexican and Japanese cuisine need to follow their own unique paths for a while more.

A sushirito follows the same structural principles of a sushi {filling wrapped with rice wrapped in seaweed}, but there the similarity ends. The vegetarian sushi {had by our vegetarian colleague who is well-informed about vegetarian sushi variations} was disappointing. The water chestnuts and mushrooms weren’t enough to make this sushirito good; it was bland and flavourless.

Undaunted, we soldiered on to the chicken sushi {as if we haven’t enraged sushi purists enough}. This was still good, because with a lot of heavily spiced chicken stuffed in a roll, any restaurant would be hard-pressed to actually make this bad. It was basically a slightly inferior and confusing kathi roll.

Finally, saving the best for last, we tried the Scottish salmon. But even here, it turned into more of a treasure hunt as we tried to ferret out the bits of salmon from in-between the forest of micro-greens and avocado. The ultimate testament to the failure of the sushirito – halfway through we were all confused about who was eating what, because it all tasted fundamentally the same.

So We're Saying...

Why, sushirito, why? So was the point of it all? Why have it in a bed of rice at all? Why must a sushi meet a burrito at all? Some things are not meant to be. All the sushirito left us with was an existential crisis.

We wouldn’t order this again, and neither should you. {Unless you want a dope Instagram photo, because we can see our sushirito photo getting a lot of little red hearts, which is healing many wounds.}

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