Sling It: Bag Lovers, We've Found You Millennial Bags That Are Affordable!

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What Makes It Awesome

As a woman, I seriously feel incomplete if I don't have my trusted bag with me. I mean sure, the clothes and shoes totally matter, but then, with a bag, it's a separate story. Depending on the occasion or the type of day, I can choose to either carry my world or a small part of it with me in my trusted companion. 

 Now that I've got this out of my system, it's time to let you all know that there's a kick-ass brand in town called Nidaash that makes bags for the millennial woman which aren't that expensive! Think about it, we check out luxury brands for cool bags or even the brands that we're used to, and the prices are always super crazy for the ones we like. Made out of cruelty-free materials, the brand offers totes, hobos, slings, shoulder bags, messenger bags, small handbags, crossbodies, and even mini handbags. We love their collection!

 Their website even has a section called 'Occasion' that let's you pick for the even you need it for. They currently have three collections, and we love their Always Forever collection for all the fascinating prints and designs. 

 The prices start at INR 1,200, which is pretty decent in our books. Check them out right here on Shop on LBB and add one more beauty to your collection! 


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