What Is It?

UACTIV in collaboration with Akshara Centre are organising a night run on Saturday, January 7, 11 pm onwards inside the Bandra-Kurla complex. This run is being organised to raise awareness and funds for women’s safety and their empowerment, a relevant and a highly volatile topic in India.

Who Is It For?

For every person who wants to be a part of the bigger cause. If you can run, come join. It’s really that simple. With the new year kicking in, what better way to lay path for the entire year, than go running for a cause? It’s a seven kilometre run and will be done throughout stretch of BKC. Since it’ll be done at night, the roads won’t have much traffic thereby making it easier for the runners to take charge of the roads and not worry about the traffic.

Why Should I Go?

Photo: Kaique Rocha/Pexels

Photo: Kaique Rocha/Pexels

To run and to support a cause that needs the dire attention of this nation – women’s safety, empowerment and gender equality.

If this doesn’t convince, think of it like a fitness challenge. Start preparing for the run in advance. Eventually when you do finish the 7 km run, it’s an achievement within the first seven days of the new year. Tell us how this isn’t a great way to kick-start the new year week? The registrations will start at 10pm and the run is expected to be done by 2am.

Anything Else?

The tickets are for INR 600, and there is no restriction as to who can run. The proceedings from the tickets will go to Akshara Centre to enable them to work towards women’s empowerment and other gender equality initiatives they have in the pipeline. Your participation will boost their morale, and it’s a fun way of running along with other running enthusiasts.

Price: INR 600

Buy the tickets here.

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured photo source: Pexels