Bold And Beautiful: Here's Why No-Mad's Collection Is Worth Checking Out

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What Makes It Awesome

In the hustle and bustle of Mangaldas Market is a petite store that breathes of dainty colours and Indianness. Welcome to No-Mad.

With the photo of the brand mascot, Nandi, taking centre stage, the pristine white walls offer a breather from the chaos of the market outside. Being right in the heart of textile mills and fabric merchants, the brand prides itself in being right amongst all things cloth, and sets itself apart by being able to showcase all its fabrics in just one space. Established by Anuj Kothari, the brand brings an idea to life by using Indian lifestyle products like lassi glasses, flower patterns and other everyday objects that are chic and contemporary. 

What They Offer: You'll find large shelves brimming with fabrics in different hues, trunks add to the decor, and gaddas form a part of the seating arrangement, like a traditional cloth merchant's store. With their philosophy of being 97% per cent Indian, they offer handmade homeware and decor accessories. 

What's More: They have a gorgeous Indigo collection that's set our hearts racing (runners for INR 1,650 and 4 placemats for INR 1,650.) They even have tableware, gifting accessories, textiles and table linen scented candles and bags.  


While you buy the fabrics per meter, they can help you customise as per your need. 


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