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What Makes It Awesome

One of the fastest growing nutritious plants in the world, Hemp has more benefits than one, and you'll be surprised when we tell you about its wonders. But let us first introduce you to Noigra, a brand that's by nature and for nature. It sells hemp-based things that you must include in your everyday consumption. Here's why. 

Noigra curates 100 % hemp-based natural health and body care products like whole un-shelled hemp seeds, shelled hemp hearts, hemp protein powders, and cold-pressed hemp seed oils. And each product comes with its own nutritional properties. Let's start with the hemp seeds- they're rich in iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium, they boost hormonal balance, they're great for your gut and aid digestion, they improve your cardiovascular health, and enable you to have a peaceful sleep. In case you're looking to work on your skin or weight, these seeds should then be a part of your regular diet. The seeds can be used for cooking as well. Now if you're buying the protein powder, use it in your milk, lassi, shakes, smoothies, or even water. You can also use it while baking those muffins or cakes. 

We also love hemp seed oil because of how versatile it is. Got hair and skin issues, or want a healthier oil for your salads, pizzas, and pastas, look no further than this oil. Noigra has products starting at INR 299 only and the best part is that you can buy it on Shop On LBB. Don't just read this article, hit 'Shop Now' and start adding to cart! 


All the products in Noigra are herbal, vegan and natural. 


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