Not Just Feline Love, The Cat Cafe Studio Also Serves Delicious & Homemade Bagels

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Our beloved Cat Café Studio in Versova is a feline lover’s heaven. But did you know they serve homemade baked goodies and delicious bagels at their café?

What Makes It Awesome

The Cat Café Studio is a one of its kind café in India dedicated purely to the felines and their sassiness. Though we’ve always been in awe of the beautiful cats that roam the space, it’s only recently we checked out the café outside and its equal parts awesome and equal parts worth a visit.

It has a very chill vibe to it doubled with the fact that their resident doggos are often found spread on the floor. The tiny café on most days is manned by Charu, one of the co-founders of the space. One can find people with their laptops plugged in, or some just come over to meet the cat. The food is light and the menu has a lot of quick bites on it.

The delicious display of home-baked goodies by Ritu Khosla aka mother of the studio/founder. There’s brownies, pastries and cheesecakes. The food menu also includes sandwiches, stuffed bagels, salads, and french fries.

They have a tiny finger food section serving hummus and crispy pitta (INR 200), cheese garlic bread and spicy chicken grill (INR 200) as well, for people looking to munch on something quick. Of course, we straight up went for the bagels which are called in fresh every day from their regular chef Abdul.

Our recommendation? The Nutella and banana bagel (INR 170) is supremely filling, soft and delicious. We downed it with one of their coolers, and we were set for the next couple of hours in the blaring heat.


The café is an ideal spot if you’re looking to work out of as they also offer free WiFi, and cuddles from the cats. Now we can’t promise the cats to be in the mood for love but the bagels may make it up for it, and isn’t it the same thing? Ok not really… but bagels are bae.

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