Knowledge Is Power: These Are The Deadliest Long Island Iced Teas In Town

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We all go through a phase where Long Island Iced Teas are our drink of choice. If that’s where you are now, here’s our list of seriously wicked Long Island Iced Teas in this city that definitely won’t let you sleep after you’ve had a few.

Classic LIIT @ Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra

While it may be a fact well known that The Daily in Bandra has a great hand with cocktails, we’d like it not to go unnoticed that their Long Island Iced Teas for INR 600 (for 300ml) are true to the definition: strong and delicious. Vodka, white rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, lime, and cola is what this game-changer of a cocktail is made of.

Shell Out: INR 475

Electric LIIT @ Social, Multiple Outlets

Social’s tall-glassed LIITs (INR 560 for 500ml with Smirnoff) are here to show us a good time. One of the deadliest in this sea, the Electric LIIT is a clever concoction of five spirits – vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec and to ensure that you don’t completely pass out (just not yet), blue curacao and red bull. 

Shell Out: INR 650

Saat Rasta Cocktail @ Monkey Bar, Bandra

Monkey Bar is known to do the unusual. They’ve taken the LIIT and made it their own, which is as chaotic and buzz-inducing as the real saat rasta in SoBo. The alcohol in contention are Jagermeister, absinthe, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, beer, triple sec, and to top it off, some ginger juice (talk about intense)

Shell Out: INR 700

Iced Bull @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu

There’s long, there’s longer and there’s a longest Island Iced Tea, or so they claim at True Tramm Trunk. Grammar lesson notwithstanding, personal experience holds true that their Long Island Iced Tea does pack a punch. Plus point, you can cool your drink in the communal table, which has an opening with ice in it. Their Iced Bull, with some vodka, rum, triple sec, gin, sweet and sour mix, and redbull is the bomb. 

Shell Out: INR 700

3WM Special LIIT @ 3 Wise Monkeys, Andheri

This is one of the largest glasses of LIITs we’ve set our eyes on. We recommend this for a night of heavy drinking and a holiday the next day. They have their happy hours from Monday to Thursday between noon and 8.30 PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 7:30 PM, where each drink has a low price. Go for the 3WM Special LIIT, with some rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, whiskey, brandy, banana liquor, amaretto, mix fruit juice. 

Shell Out: INR 999

Ultimate LIIT @ Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

We've always loved their LIITs. Made using vodka, gin, Bacardi Carta Blanca, orange liquor with sweet and sour, and a splash of Cola, it hits us just perfectly. 

Shell Out: INR 595


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