Drinking Games Are Taken To The Next Level At This Lower Parel Lounge

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Play The Lounge is the latest gaming lounge and bar in town, mixing up the dining experience with crazy drinking games at Kamala Mills.

Dine And Drink And Play

Play The Lounge’s distinctive feature is its exciting line-up of drinking games. Get a King’s Cup table {and play house party favourite King’s Cup} – the same rules with a twist. There’s also a mini bar that pops up to serve drinks.

Eat and play at the same time with Alcho-Hockey {air hockey with booze}, Chess with Shots {a chess board with shot glasses instead of pawns}, Ludo And Shots {a boozy take on ludo and ladders}, and many more such games.

So We're Thinking...

Book a table at the King’s table, and a make a fun evening out of it. We’re super excited about the beer pong, and are hitting it up for all the right feels.


We recommend booking a table as evenings get busy, especially if you want to play the games.


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