Chocoholics, Grab A Seat And Try Out The Nutella Pizza At This Fort Eatery

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When our two favourite things decide to co-exist happily, Nutella pizza is born. That’s right, 1441 Pizzeria has a dessert special, Nutella pizza, and we have officially achieved millennial goals.

Best Of Both World

Think cheesy, warm delicious pizza. Then think of spreadable mouth-watering and chocolaty Nutella. Combine these two and be exported to a world that exists to purely affirm our faith in love and rainbows and buttercups.

The Nutella pizza at the Pizzeria comes with the regular crust pizza base. The unique bit here is, they skip the cheese, and instead use ample of hazelnut nutella to create the magical dessert. Then come the soft gooey marshmellows and seasonal fruits sprinkled with iced sugar to give the pizza a dessert finish.

So, We're Saying...

Indulgence often comes with a repercussion and in this case two: joy and chocolaty happiness. If you haven’t tried out the DIY pizzas yet, order yourself a nutella pizza and rest be assured, you’re doing it right.

Price: INR 295


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