Subscribe To Health With Meals From This Healthy Cloud Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all been trying to eat just that little bit healthier, right? But it isn't always easy to eat a balanced meal on a tight schedule or even cook every day. If you've found yourself struggling to maintain a healthy diet, then we've got a solution for you: a healthy subscription-based cloud kitchen called Nutridock. 

Designed by celeb Chef Rakesh Talwar, the food takes into account health and nutrition with the help of an in-house nutritionist. Plus, things are not going to get boring here either, as the menu switches up every 3 months. On the menu are Rice Bowls, Salads, Wraps, Sandwiches, Smoothies, Juices, and Desserts. And if you are counting your calories then this is great for you. Each dish comes with a label stating exactly what you are eating and how many nutrients and calories you gain from it. 

On the menu, you'll find dishes like Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl, Moroccan Cottage Cheese Wrap, Pesto Cottage Cheese Grilled Vegetable, Forbidden Rice Bowl and more.


You can place your order via their website as well as Swiggy and Zomato. They will be launching their subscription service soon, till then you can order individual meals a la carte.