Oldie But A Goodie: Go To This Iconic SoBo Cafe For A Chilled Beer & Delicious Breakfast

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The ever-so-iconic Cafe Mondegar on Colaba Causeaway has sustained the passage of time, tragedy and is still one of our favourite cafes in town.

As Old As Time

Cafe Mondegar was started off in 1932 and was the first cafe in the city to have a vintage jukebox. The jukebox sits cosily in a corner with its shiny lights and classic songs waiting to be played. The cafe has gone through its changes, starting off as a cafe in the reception of the then hotel, Apollo to now being a restaurant cum bar.

With Mario Miranda’s murals painted all over the cafe, the cafe is a favourite amongst the tourists and the locals. Its envious location amidst the busy street lined with beautiful jewellery and colourful clothes, it holds its own time.

The servers are always smiling and readily come to us for refills of beer. And if it’s a lucky day, you even get Cafe Mondegar’s postcards to take home.

Chow Down

Though the cafe is pegged as one of the cafes you must visit in Mumbai, the menu is fairly decent to begin with. It opens up as early as 7.30am, so if you’ve stumbled from a long night out or are just looking for a heavy breakfast, you know where to head.

With the menu pinned under the glass panels, they offer multi-cuisine dishes {mix of Chinese and Indian dishes}. If you ask us, their beef chilli and bacon wrapped prawns are the ones to go for. Arrabbiata penne pasta? Another one we suggest. And if you’re in the mood for some good old burger, Mondy’s special steak cheese burger {INR 350} is delicious.

So, We're Saying...

You may have known of this iconic cafe’s existence, but if you haven’t been here yet, it’s time you plan your outing. A pint of Kingfisher beer, a plate of chicken steak and the humdrum of the causeway – all at this cafe and more.


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