#LBBScoop: Mumbai's Very Own Tibb's Frankie Is Heading To London

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If you’ve lived in Mumbai for long enough, you’d know what Tibb’s Frankie means to this city. And now with 250 outlets across the country and Dubai, this hugely popular street food is about to get even bigger, with plans to open an outlet in London in the near future.

Chow Down

Whether you’re hungry for a meal, a snack, or it’s just one of those cravings for delicious food, there’s nothing that Tibb’s Frankie cannot solve. Run by the Tibb Family, the frankie naturally derives the unique name from its founder. Interestingly, the word ‘Frankie’ has been trademarked by the Tibb Family in 1969 {quite some foresight}, which basically means that any other roll you eat is not really a frankie.

But what makes this deliciously stuffed frankie so special? Till date, we’re told that there are only three people from the Tibb family who know the recipe of the special masala that they use which makes it so unique and out of the ordinary {we swear we know people who get midnight cravings for this}.

Over the many decades, the frankie has travelled the country with over 250 outlets across India. The Tibb’s family has been expanding globally as well, what with Tibb’s Frankie recently launching an outlet in Dubai and, wait for it, it’s soon going to open one in London too. The succulent pieces of chicken {or paneer, your pick}, onions and masala wrapped in that perfect egg roll will now be available to homesick Indians in London.

Moreover, the frankie also has special flavours available at select locations only. For example, the chettinad chicken frankie is available only in South India. And till date, everyone who’s been a loyalist of this famous food will vouch for the fact that the frankie hasn’t changed one bit. While the options for patrons may have increased with increasing competition, but there’s still nothing like a good ol’ Tibb’s Frankie {it’s all about the emotion}.

So We’re Thinking

If you want to eat something simple yet supremely tasty, the Tibb’s Frankie is your best bet. It will satiate your hunger, fill up your stomach and leave its long-lasting memory all for INR 80 onwards.

If you want a bite of goodness, click here to find the closest outlet.


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