Get The Look: Recreate Olivia Rodrigo's Nod To The 90s


    Are the 90s making a comeback, or what. And whatever your feelings on the topic, there's no doubt that Clueless is back to being trendy AF. And if you're a fan of pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo, you've definitely seen her pull it off, most recently on her visit to The White House to meet President Biden. 

    We've put together simple ways to recreate her classic Chanel look and natural make-up in easy steps. Read on!

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    Nude Lippie FTW

    Book of Love Lipstick

    Book of Love Lipstick


    We love the simple nude pink lippie Olivia's sporting. It's got a youthful vibe and goes well with her outfit!

    Get: Book of Love from Tinge By Sabrina Suhail

    Sleek, Loose Waves Hair? Yes, Please!

    Keratin Repairing Hair Serum (100ml)

    Keratin Repairing Hair Serum (100ml)


    It can be tough to get those waves looking just right, no? Olivia's hairstyle is sleek, loose waves that we absolutely love. No frizz in sight!

    Get: Karatin Repairing Hair Serum from Arganicare

    Platform Heels All The Way

    White Wedge Pumps with Buckles

    White Wedge Pumps with Buckles


    While Olivia rocked a pair of closed platform heels, we'd opt for an open-toed version that gives you the same height and similar style minus the stuffy toes. While she's spotted wearing a pair of black socks, we think we can avoid those in our more humid climes!

    Get: White Wedge Pumps from Zapatoz

    Natural Eyebrows & Long Long Lashes

    SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer

    SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer


    Olivia's paired her vintage Chanel with a simple, pretty make-up look. We love her natural-looking brows and long lashes.

    Get: Sugar Arch Arrival Brow Definer, L'oreal Lash Paradise

    Chic Circular Earrings

    Gold Multi Chain Drop Circular Earrings

    Gold Multi Chain Drop Circular Earrings


    Olivia's teamed up the classic Chanel with an elegant set of charm earrings with a chain detail. This pair is a bit bolder than the one she sports, but is as elegant for sure!

    Get: Da'Mint Gold Multi-chain Drop Earrings

    Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

    Pink Checked Blazer With Pocket Detail

    And of course, the mainstay of Olivia's outfit, her Vintage Pink Chanel suit that screams all things Clueless and Legally Blonde. While that Chanel might be tough to get a hold of, we found you a gorgeous (and affordable) alternative!

    Get: Pink Checked Blazer from Kazo