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On A Budget But Want Great Cocktails? You Will LOVE Bartisans

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Hibiscus Lavender Martini Cocktail Mixer

Hibiscus Lavender Martini Cocktail Mixer

Smoked Pineapple & Basil Margarita Cocktail Mixer

Smoked Pineapple & Basil Margarita Cocktail Mixer


Thinking of saving money but your friends keep calling you to chill at new pubs around town? Or are you just tired of trying to replicate exotic cocktail recipes you see online but they never turn out right? Don’t worry because this new premix brand’s got you sorted out! 

Fancy Cocktails Without the Fancy Price Tag

Bartisans has a range of kickass mixers that you’ve got to try for your next house party! No more scrounging around the pantry looking for ingredients to whip up a cocktail. With Bartisans mixers, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. We gave their cocktail premixes a shot; all you have to do is pour out the premix, add the spirit and some ice, and you’re donezo (PS: easy to follow instructions are given on the bottle!) You’ve got yourself a drink that’s #AnythingButOrdinary. 

Run by Jovita and Jordan, a mother-son duo, Bartisans was started during the COVID-19 lockdown when people were stuck inside and missed happy-hours at their favourite bars. J & J decided to make all our lives a little easier by introducing a range of cocktail mixers that can make anyone an A1 mixologist without trying too hard. From Ginger Spiced Whiskey Sour to Smoky Margaritas, Bartisans has a mix for all your favourite drinks and all for under INR 600 per bottle! One bottle of Bartisans mixer can make upto 6-8 glasses of cocktails, so call all your friends over for that long awaited party that you’ve always wanted to throw, only this time your budget won’t break the bank. 

What Makes Them Awesome

Apart from the fact that they’re budget friendly, we love how easy they’ve made it to get a bar-style cocktail in the comfort of your home. Each of the flavours is super unique- our 2 favourites are the Hibiscus Lavender Martini Mix & Tamarind Orange Whisky Sour Mix. 

Jordan’s a trained bartender, and works closely on each of the recipes to make sure they’re perfect! 

Not to mention, they’re also taking steps to contribute towards sustainable packaging and have made all their bottles from BPA-free glass. 

So get ready to Be Your Own Bartender with Bartisans’ hassle-free premixes, and most importantly for cocktails that are #AnythingButOrdinary.