Nutella Fries, Anyone? A New Versova Joint Is Selling An Awesome Variety Of Fries

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We found potatoes. Potatoes that make you forget about your diet with One Fry Day – a small joint in Versova that has opened its door for you to binge on their fries.

Chow Down

Their fries, starting at INR 70 come in a plain avatar or loaded, whatever you prefer. From hot fiery fries {INR 100} to Nutella fries {INR 130}, they will have you drooling from the word go. Apart from the usual cheesy fries, they also serve poppy fries – a concept that lets you choose two sauces to add to your choice of fries. Fries are the hero for sure, but did we tell you they have home-made Punjabi food also? They come at INR 50 and will make you last longer in case you are homesick. They also have set meals starting at INR 120 and yes, they do have subscription offers.

Sip On

They have Frooters –  a fruit based drink and concoctions for you to sip on. They are priced at INR 30 upward.

So, We're Saying...

The beach side-blessed Versova stretch is home to a lot of popular eateries and you have another option to consider.


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