Got Any Plans For The Weekend? Drop By This Insane Party House In Powai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Episode One was on my bucket list since a while as the Gymkhana culture is something I wanted to experience. This place completely justifies it and is perfect for any group.

The ambience is very intriguing with an amazing bar and a bathtub full of alcohol bottles. The music here dope and located beside LOTD so anyways the location is always on fire.

The service was good with Manjeet handling our orders. Everything was well presented with sufficient quantity.

Yellow Bean Prawns: It was a perfect bar bite and prawns as an appetizer is always a killer. The marination was proper and the prawns size weren't that big. The serving also had one dehydrated pineapple piece along with the sauce.

Avocado Galouti (Must try): One of the most delicious fusions I ever had. Mashed avocado was converted to kebab which is similar to Galouti kebab with lamb meat. Served with beetroot sauce.

Cheetos Crusted Chicken Sider(Must try): A filled sider with crispy chicken which is cooked with Cheetos to give it that flavour and crunch.

Chicken Meatballs (Must try): One of the best bar bites. MeatBalls topped with malai truffle sauce and filled with crushed chicken.


Spicy Margherita: A decent Margherita not with much of toppings. But perfect as bar bites. As a proper dine food it still could be improved.

Blue Rice with Chilli Chicken: Butter blue rice has been one of my favourites as I tried in a Japanese restaurant. Even at episode one, it didn't disappoint me.


Caramel tart was delicious and the best part was salt topping.

Sandesh puff was another experiment but being a Bengali I would never prefer shondesh in this manner through this was tasty.

What Could Be Better?

Some desserts could have been better.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Big Group

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