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What Makes It Awesome?

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Picture the scene in your mind. A rainy day, empty streets on the always busy Linking road, Bandra. You almost think of plonking at your friend’s place to enjoy some superhot pakoras. And then, you sight upon this quaint-yet-attractive signboard. You walk into a packed house of diners and yearn to be part of the coterie – for that piping hot soup to build up the mood. (What transpires is a complete feasting session of not just soup but more!).

Yes, a packed house on a rainy day while the neighbouring restaurants were diner-less. That’s the pulsating charm of Khow Chow, where flavours hold supreme and diners vouch for a satiating experience. Perfect service, pricing just bang-on in terms of quality and satisfaction, Khow Chow will surely have me coming back again for the sizzlers and Dimsums, plus the other originals they have introduced.

Over to what we tried:


Crab asparagus soup – This is true indulgence at its peak. The soup goes beyond the average blend (without being too creamy or thick) and offers a luxurious feel to the taste buds. Wholesome fleshy chunks of soft crab meat blended with asparagus, the right tinge of seasoning – just perfect!

Chicken Tom Kha – Perfect, soothing blend of coconut milk as a soup. Loved the tinge of the herbs, perfect warmth for a rainy day.


Yam Pla Meuk – A prawn and calamari combo salad is something I had never experimented before. The bold step was surely rewarded with the ‘wow’ factor of the boldness with the flavours. Just the accurate tinge of sriracha, this juicy salad is surely a memorable must-try.


Assorted dim sum basket – the most humane way to satiate a hungry man is to offer him the perfect Dim sums and fill his stomach. Off late, have tried the competition and all failed to give the perfect 10 with the Dim sums. Khow Chow’s assorted dim sum platter was par excellence. A point to add here is that the meat is wholesome, fleshy, unlike some pint-sized (also mixed with other meat) portions you are served.

Kerala tiger prawns – Well-cooked prawns, found the marinade a tinge lower than expected (to go with the dish name).

Main Course:

Skipped it. Although would love to go back and feast on their sizzlers, couldn’t help but notice the diners going ga-ga over the taste. Loved the fancy leafy presentation they incorporate in serving the sizzlers.


Fried ice cream – On first thoughts, a vanilla ice cream creation didn’t compel me to order it. The outcome is surely a stunner. The cornflake based crunchy coating (shaped into a round ball) blended with caramel syrup is pure magic. A must-try!

Tab Tim Krob – a refreshing change, the chestnuts and coconut milk dessert without an overdose of ice-cubes is just perfect. The subtlety of the sweetness works wonders.

Surely Khow Chow is the new Wow-Wow!

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