Pi Pizzeria Is One Of The Best Pizza Joints In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

I recently went to review Pi Pizzeria and was amazed by their elegant and tasteful interiors. The seating space is not very large but apt usage was made of the available space.

I tried the garlic bread with mozzarella cheese, it may sound common and boring but let me tell you it was mouthwatering and certainly an appetiser! The picture does not do justice to how well the cheese was spread and baked to perfection.

I ordered one of the best recommendations that the staff had to make: the Stagioni pizza, which consisted of pepperoni, ham, olives and mushrooms {perfect for meat and cheese lovers}.

I would definitely recommend this dish to everyone who visits Pi Pizzeria!

What Could Be Better?

They do not serve drinks for whatsoever reason but if the management is alright with it, they could start serving wine as wine and pizza go hand in hand.

What's My Pro Tip?

No valet was available when I went, in spite of valet parking being mentioned. Preferably Uber or rickshaw it up as there is less parking space available.

Anything Else?

This place is perfect for date night! It's better to call and reserve a table in advance.