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Yet, despite all the restrictions, the Jains have conjured up an absolutely delightful cuisine, making the most of what is available to them. This is the first time I ordered Jain food from the restaurant.

Shreedevi is quite popular and one of the oldest restaurants on the streets of Malad(W) & it’s serving delicious food to customers from the last 2 decades.

We tried:

* Veg Hakka Noodles: All-time favourite Hakka Noodles, it's one of the best options to treat your taste buds. Chinese cuisine is incomplete without garlic and onions but I want to try something different so I tried Jain Hakka noodles and it was damn good.

* Biryani: Is there anyone who doesn't love Biryani? Biryani is one of the best things one can have for lunch or dinner. Loaded with veggies and cottage cheese along with raita and papad is pure bliss.

I was reading the menu card to see if I could get something different than usual and I saw Shreedevi special vegetable which has 2 different gravies. It's 2 in 1
A big thumbs up to all the unsung heroes for serving tasty food during this tough time.

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